Pokemon Red version GBC Game Boy Color Cartridge

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Pokemon Red for Game Boy Color

Relive your childhood times with the classic Pokemon Red for Nintendo Game Boy Color

This is a repro cartridges, this is not a product for collectors, just for gamers, only game.


Language: English (US version)

Packaging Including:
1x Game Card (game)
1x Case

Capture new Pokemon and battle against your competitors in a bid to become the best Pokemon trainer in Kanto. Pokemon Red Version for Nintendo Game Boy is a simple, yet exciting RPG game that lets you play solo or use a link cable to challenge a friend. Visit Gyms in different cities to find new challenges and gain experience. Win battles against wild Pokemon, rival trainers, or friends to expand your collection and level up your creatures and help them evolve. Use Pokeballs to catch new Pokemon in the ultimate goal to collect all 151. Defeat Gym Leaders to earn Gym Badges and enter the Pokemon League and foil Team Rocket’s evil schemes.

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Nintendo Game Boy Color




1x Game Card (game)
1x Case


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